3 Days Detox Diet Plan

3 Days Detox Diet Plan


There is a growing risk in health due to increase in the production of food by artificial means. This directly increases the concentration of a chemical in the human body which can have life threatening outcomes. Detox diet are of great importance because it helps you to reduce various chemicals. We will walk you through 3 days detox diet plan which are simple yet very much efficient in helping you to get rid of the foods loaded with harmful chemicals. 


1. Ginger + lemon drink:


Ginger + lemon drink, detox diet energy booster, will boost your metabolism. It is a very strong detoxifier which not only detoxifies the body from chemicals but also works to boost the body’s immune system. Thus gives dual benefits. It can be prepared easily by squeezing lemon with freshly chopped ginger, then mixing both in pure water. Note that organic food and pure water should be used while preparing this detox drink else it won’t be enough beneficial.


2. Tofu stir fly:


It is really simple yet very healthy. Prepare it by using all the organic food that will not only decrease the ingestion of chemicals but also boost body’s metabolism. Remember, while preparing for tofu stir fly detox diet, you need to use olive oil only which is rich in good fats. Also make sure that olive oil is used in a very low amount. Other ingredients which are used include garlic, ginger, red onion, red pepper.


3. Coriander and carrot soup:


Get this soup ready using carrots, onion, and sweet potato boiled with vegetable stock, lastly a handful of coriander should be added to enrich the soup with its flavor and nutritional benefits.


Along with these simple detox diets, one can have nuts and organic fruits while snacking; this can get you dual benefits. First, being organic it is the best choice for detox diet and second, it will have a metabolism boosting effect. Also, while preparing for a detox diet, along with above-mentioned diet plans, some other diet plans can be included. The important thing is the use of organic green foods; it directly helps boosting your metabolism which is the core purpose of detoxifying.

You also need to cut off the use excessive carbs, sugar, and processed food along with detox diets. This way it ensures that whatever a person is eating, it is fulfilling the sole purpose of a detox diet.

Detox diet plan are the real need of time because everything which is consumed these days is full of artificial flavors and harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to select the best for yourselves that can maintain the health and keep us away from all sorts of life-threatening medical conditions.