3 Healthy Diet Plans for Diabetic Patients

3 Healthy Diet Plans for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a systemic disease that affects body’s all vital organ. Somehow diabetes is not preventable yet it is manageable. A lot can be done in order to prevent the complications. This article entails 3 healthy diet plans for diabetic patients so that they can control the intake of glucose. Since excessive glucose that we get from our diet can be very harmful to diabetic patients, these diet plans are extremely helpful; they assure that a person is having a healthy diet as per their diagnosed condition.


Healthy diet plan 1:

This plan is the combination of carbohydrates and low-fat foods. Right choice of food is extremely essential for all kind of diabetic patients. Foods that has greater glycemic index should be avoided as much as possible. The end product of carbohydrates is glucose. Therefore, the optimum amount of carbs should be ingested. Just to reduce a load of glucose from your body, it is highly encouraged to consume whole grain carbs. Whole grains, rich in fibers, are not absorbed by human body, hence, are excreted. Therefore, amount of carbs need to be checked precisely in all of your diet plans. On the other hand, usually diabetes and obesity run side by side. That is why consumption of fats should also be highly monitored in diet of a diabetic patient. Only good fats should be consumed and made part of diet plans.


Healthy diet plan 2:

This plan suggests you to have heart healthy fish with a regulated amount of sodium. Diet plans for diabetic patients normally consists of foods that are rich in good fats because they work in favor of our body to get rid of bad fats. In a healthy diet, fish occupies a special place because it’s rich with omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fats. This helps our body to get rid of triglycerides, which are bad for our body. Just like diabetes and obesity, the incidence of diabetes and hypertension are also quite common. Therefore, in listed diet plans, special attention is given to the salt content so that it cannot have a negative effect on the body’s blood pressure.


Healthy diet plan 3:

While preparing multiple diet plans we just cannot miss supper time as supper time is extremely crucial because this is the time when people fetch a lot of carbs by consuming snacks and chips; healthy meals should be reserved for the supper time. For this purpose, one can have whole grain muffin with some fruits. Whole grains, since are with low glycemic index, therefore, are considered as healthy diet. Fruits also contain a lot of sugar thus, its intake should be scrutinized properly.


A healthy diet is extremely important for diabetic patients because that’s how they can manage diabetes and can prevent themselves from life-threatening complications. For diabetic diet plans, special attention is usually given over carbohydrates as it tends to increase the blood glucose. Since, the incidence of diabetes along with obesity and diabetes along with hypertension are very common, therefore it is highly advisable that special attention to the intake of fats and salts are monitored beforehand.

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