Cocaine & Weight Loss

Weight Loss Through Cocaine

People are very much obsessed with their perception of ideal body and ideal figure, and why they wouldn’t be? After all, this is what people like and consider it as a prototype of beauty. People have been experimenting various methods to make themselves slim and attractive. Out of so many methods available, one method which is widely used is the use of cocaine as a solution to get rid of body fats. In this article, we will discuss how cocaine and weight loss are inter-connected and why there is an increasing trend of using this malicious drug.

Today, this drugs is widely being used among teen agers and many middle-aged women as a way to boost body’s metabolism so that they can have a slim body. Now, let’s get into a bit detail so that our users can get an idea, how it is linked with weight loss. Firstly, you need to understand that cocaine is a type of a stimulant, which means that it tends to increase the normal physiological processes of the body such as increasing the heart rate, and the metabolism. This directly makes the person eat a lot due to increase in appetite. But, as the metabolism is fast, the food is easily metabolized. This, to some extent, helps the person to burn body fats. According to some studies, cocaine user also has difficulty in storing the body fats due to altered metabolism.

Cocaine – Back in 1990

Use of cocaine became popular in 1990, among females as it was considered as one of the finest and easiest ways to get rid of excess fats without getting any needle marks. Its users, who had initially started taking the drug merely for weight loss, tended to become the abuser very soon due to addiction. The cocaine addiction is so intense that usually, the users do not even bother how skinny they have become or what they are doing to get the dose of the drug.

Another point that puts a lot of strain on the user is that the weight loss is usually maintained till the time person is consuming cocaine because the stimulant effects of drugs are no longer available. Therefore, the cocaine users later in their life become the abusers of the drug.


Needless to mention, there are various other methods for weight loss which are healthy and does not pose serious complications to the health of an individual. Lifestyle and behavior modifications work best to lose weight in a healthy manner. This slow and steady method is not only simple but it is also long lasting. The lifestyle modification which includes healthy diet and exercise very soon becomes the habit of the person. Therefore, it helps them throughout their lives to live a healthy style.

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